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Error. Invalid version. Maximum supported version is x.x.x.[edit | edit source]

When you see such a message this mean you have a file with format version that is higher that can open current Seamly2D version. In this case you can try:

  • Find newer version that can open such file version (recommended). Sometimes this mean to use last code from the develop branch.
  • If your current version is <= 0.4.x try inside the file find and change a tag version to max version that supports current Seamly2D version. In this case 0.2.4. Then try reopen the file. If all is ok Seamly2D will open the file without warnings.
  • If your current version is >= 0.5.x Seamly2D already had tried for you previous recommendation. All you can do is to find newer version. See first recommendation.

A curve ends up as a straight line in the details tab.[edit | edit source]

According to a rule you should select objects in clockwise direction. Because a curve is a set of points some of them can be added in opposite direction. In this case you forgot to revers your curve. Open a detail options and select Reverse option for that curve.

Error. You can't use now the Detail mode. Please, create at least one workpiece.[edit | edit source]

Before you will be able to go to the Detail mode you should create at least one workpiece. See Creating workpieces.

Error. Several workpieces left not arranged, but none of them match for paper.[edit | edit source]

This mean your layout settings do not match the largest workpiece. You should select bigger paper size. And try again. For more details see Creating layouts.

After start all of icons/text look distorted.[edit | edit source]

If your DPI is messed up, that is, all of the icons/text look distorted, then you are victim of Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling. This is a hardcoded setting in the Seamly2D source code. The DPI scaling is enabled by default. To disable it you have two options:

  • Call Seamly2D/SeamlyMe with option --no-scaling. This will disable scaling for this run.
  • Another way to disable it is to use the QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0 environment variable.